Saturday, 30 June 2012

Espresso Coffee without Machine

                                        Espresso Coffee without Machine


Coffee - 1/2 tsb
Sugar - 4 spoon
Water - 1 tsb
Milk - 4 cup

Method :-

Take half teaspoon coffee, four spoon sugar and one teaspoon water in a cup. Beat all the mixture with the help of a spoon, until it becomes golden yellow color with creamy texture. Boil milk in a pan, when it starts boiling , add the mixture in it. Stir it with the help of spoon. After two to three boil, put the gas off. Then take a jar, pour your coffee from height in to jar with proper care, then from jar to pan. Do it three to four times. Then serve the coffee in a white cup. 

Now your Espresso Coffee is ready without the help of a machine.

Enjoy your special coffee with your loved ones....<3